Counts.Pro is a unique supplemental radiation detection product in that it works in all count rate meters irrespective of the manufacturer.  We tried to make it simple and intuitive with our goal of quantifying radiation measurements.  We are always interested in any suggestions you may have to make it better.

Will Counts.Pro work in my meter?

Counts.Pro is designed to recognize pulses generated by any manufacturers radiation meters using hardware physically connected to the electronics of your meter.  It will work with the oldest and newest meters in production today providing enhanced capability.  Counts.Pro will work in your meter if it is generating pulses in one or two channels.  If your meter counts pulses to determine signal it will work.  Examples include GM, Proportional (where 1 or two channels are identified by the meter), scintillation detectors and neutron meters.  It does not work for ion chambers, and not effective for meters that perform spectroscopy on more than 2 channels.  We have designed it to report up to two channels which make it capable of reporting simultaneous alpha and beta measurements on those meters that discriminate these signals.

Will Counts.Pro work with a Ludlum Model 19 or 3019?

Yes!  These meters measure counts and give you dose rate based on the counts.  Counts.Pro will give you the counts measured by the meter.  At this time the App does not allow you to enter an efficiency to automatically report dose rate.  However, you can apply an efficiency to the counts reported after the fact using the generated data.  The benefit of Counts.Pro is that you get the actual counts, the raw measurement.  So if the efficiency that the meter is calibrated to is not accurate for what you are measuring, you have the actual count data to which you can apply efficiency and determine dose rate.  These meters are typically calibrated using Cs-137 sources.  The relative efficiency for other radionuclide energies are provided by the manufacturer and will allow you to report accurate readings.

Since my meter is made from steel or aluminum, how can Counts.Pro signal make it out of the meter?

We typically put the Counts.Pro under the bezel in the meters display.  If this is difficult, we can put it inside a plastic cover that we manufacture which can be bolted to the meter housing (much like how a check source is often mounted).

How many people can use a Counts.Pro enabled meter?

Anyone who has the Counts.Pro app can use the meter.  So if you have a Counts.Pro enabled meter, all your employees can use it if they have an electronic device capable of supporting the Counts.Pro App.

Do I need a software license to use Counts.Pro?

Anyone who has the App loaded can use Counts.Pro.  No other license is required.

Will Counts.Pro automatically recognize my meter and probe?

Counts.Pro will remember the meter that the hardware is connected to.  So the next time you use the meter with an electronic device that has been connected to it, the name of the meter will be displayed on the connect screen.  Counts.Pro does not automatically check the probe.  Since the probe that is used by the meter can change, it is important that the operator verify the correct probe is listed (both model and serial numbers) and edit the meter information if the current probe is different than the one previously used.  If you remove the hardware from one meter and put it on another, then you will have to edit the meter information (though this would be unusual).

How accurate is the GPS used by Counts.Pro?

Counts.Pro uses the GPS information provided by the electronic device. The accuracy of this GPS varies depending on how good the cell phone signal is, and how fast you are moving. The more you move, the more error is associated with device. You may have noticed a blue dot when using the GPS in your device in mapping software that gets smaller as the connection gets stronger, or the GPS fix improves. The diameter of the dot is a representation of the GPS accuracy. You can get secondary devices that can connect to your electronic device that have much better GPS and GPS that works even when there is no cell signal. We have used one called the “Bad Elf GNSS” which has worked very well though there are many others. These devices often take over the phones GPS. Counts.Pro reports whatever GPS that the device is using. We have a short presentation that illustrates the phone and enhanced GPS here.

Will Counts.Pro work with my civil defense meter?

It will if it is a GM meter such as the CDV-700 or CDV-715. It does not work with ion chambers. If you have a civil defense meter and don’t know, just ask us and we can help.

Will Counts.Pro work with my Ludlum Model (whatever)?

Yes, if it is a GM, Proportional, or Scintillation detector. We have put Counts.Pro in numerous models such as the Models 3, 5, 6, 12, 12S, 14C, 18, 19, 26, 177, 375, 2221, 2224, 2241, 2350, 2360, 2401, 2929, 3000, 3001, 3030, 3019, etc.

Will Counts.Pro work with a Bicron/Thermo Microrem?

No.  This meter performs spectrum analysis to identify the radiation energy incident to the meter.  So in addition to pulses (which we can count) it also identifies the energy of the pulse to assign a dose amount to each pulse.

How does the signal from Counts.Pro get to the App containing device?

Counts.Pro broadcasts the total number of pulses measured by the meter every quarter second using Bluetooth LE.  The App is used to accept and quantify the incoming signal.

How far away can the meter be from the device running the App?

This depends on what is between them.  If the Bluetooth signal can make it there it will work.  We have been able to demonstrate the signal broadcasting effectively to at least 100 ft (30m).

How do you connect the Counts.Pro to the meter?

Counts.Pro is hard wired to the electronics of the meter to broadcast the signal that has been processed by the meter and sent to the display for reporting.  If the meter has a threshold setting, or a window, we select the signal after it has been processed to report.

How many people can simultaneously connect to the meter, and how many meters can someone connect to at the same time?

Counts.Pro devices that are not currently connected to a meter that are energized will show as connectable to the App.  Once connected, no other person will be able to connect to that device.  At this time, the App only allows connection to a single meter.

Do I need any software to retrieve the data from my device or the meter?

The Counts.Pro App records, stores, and can share the data by any means supported by the device.  Typically the data is transmitted by Email.  The data is provided in a comma delimited text format(.csv).  So you can open it with any standard spreadsheet or text editor.

Will the GPS work while I am surveying inside a building?

Typically the GPS will indicate your approximate location assuming the device GPS is working.  If you are inside a building, the GPS coordinates will indicate this, but there will be some fluctuations around that point as the accuracy is greatly diminished indoors. GPS position accuracy is much better when you have good GPS signal such as during outdoor surveys.

Does Counts.Pro report DPM or actual activity or dose rate?

The App does not have a field to which you can add an efficiency factor to report these numbers in real time.  The final data is available after each measurement and efficiencies can be applied to determine activity or dose rate.  The efficiency of counting depends on multitude of variables. Having raw data provides an opportunity to apply these factors while reviewing the results.  Having access to raw data is a central feature of Counts.Pro.

Will Counts.Pro work with my old Geiger Counter?

Yes, if it is a Geiger Counter (Geiger-Mueller detector). It works with old Eberline units, Victoreens, Johnson and Associates, and pretty much any other GM, Proportional, or Scintillation detector. It would in fact work with Dr. Geigers very first detector and with the enhanced data interface it is far more functional than the newest meters manufactured today.

Not much has changed in the methods of detecting radiation. The same sort of detectors have been used for decades and still work as well as the new ones. The main difference is in the electronics used to process the same old data. Having a Counts.Pro in your old meter will make it even more functional than new ones costing thousands of dollars.

Turn your meter into a portable radiation laboratory.

Buy or Rent Counts.Pro enabled equipment.

Turn your meter into a portable radiation labortory.

Buy or Rent Counts.Pro enabled equipment.