Counts.Pro for Recyclers and Hobbyists

Metal recyclers and hobbyists frequently search similar locations for radioactivity, be it in building materials or the surrounding environment.

With Counts.Pro, you receive precise count numbers, eliminating the challenge of interpreting a needle’s movement on your instrument display. Gain clarity on the level of radioactivity in materials and determine whether it poses a concern or aligns with your search criteria. The GPS feature enhances your capabilities by enabling walkover surveys, allowing you to link measurements with precise GPS coordinates to identify specific areas of interest seamlessly. Counts.Pro gives you accurate measurements and efficient survey mapping.


Everything is radioactive.  The amount of radioactivity is dependent on what something is composed of.  In the early 1900’s and before, there were few regulations on radioactive materials.  Even today, some items that are common household products such as smoke detectors and lantern mantles can have radiation levels that would never be permitted to ever leave a nuclear facility.  There are many things to explore in antique shops and even the grocer story (check out salt substitute for people with high blood pressure).

Counts.Pro lets you take quick measurements to quantify radioactivity.  Many people are interested in prospecting for uranium.  The GPS feature in Counts.Pro can help with this.  If you have a highly sensitive detector, you can walk over large areas and create GPS heat maps of radiation levels and give you an indication of where to spend more time performing detailed measurements.

Varying levels of radioactivity can help you find places where soil has been moved around (fill dirt from another area or even mill tailings) or where waste pits containing radioactive materials might be on a property.  Long term measurements allow you to discern even minor variations in radioactivity.  For preppers, a long term measurement can let you know when there are slightly higher levels of radioactivity that could lead to chronic exposures that can add up over time.  Remember that everything is radioactive. What matters is how radioactive.

When Fukushima happened, many people were wanting radiation meters to determine if they were being exposed to harmful levels.  Had Counts.Pro been available those who wanted to do this could have saved a lot of money.  Fortunately radiation is very easy to measure.  Radioactive materials are literally throwing things out of atoms announcing their presence.  Having a Counts.Pro enabled meter lets you take very detailed measurements even with otherwise low-cost equipment.

Note that we also sell the radiation meters to achieve your goals. Our meters are used, but warranted to meet the manufacturers specifications.  They also cost about half of retail.  We have various probes that can be used to perform detailed measurements.  When you buy one of our meters, you get a $100 discount on Counts.Pro.


Metal recyclers frequently encounter piping from diverse industrial settings, including those that handle water or fossil fuels, which may develop naturally occurring radioactive scale inside. This phenomenon is inherent in many industrial processes. The crucial consideration revolves around the potential impact on your metal load. Most metal recycling facilities implement radiation sensors at their entrances to monitor environmental radioactivity, particularly naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM). Exceeding permissible radiation levels can lead to shipment rejection.

The real question is how does your meter compare to the one at the scrap yard? Counts.Pro offers a solution by allowing timed readings for effective comparison with the screening measurements used by recycling facilities. As you maneuver around your sample, the platform highlights fluctuations in activity, enabling strategic shipment planning or the removal of “hot” samples to avoid triggering alarms. Since everything is radioactive, Counts.Pro installed in your meter serves as a preemptive tool, notifying you of excessive radioactivity and enabling prompt issue resolution before heading to the recycler. Ensure seamless recycling processes with Counts.Pro for informed decision-making and efficient problem-solving.

Turn your meter into a portable radiation laboratory.

Buy or Rent Counts.Pro enabled equipment.

Turn your meter into a portable radiation labortory.

Buy or Rent Counts.Pro enabled equipment.