Counts.Pro turns your meter into a mobile lab.

The Counts.Pro app transforms your radiation meter into a laboratory that displays, counts, and stores radiation data.

What Do You Need In Order to Use Counts.Pro?


Counts.Pro Capable Equipment

Counts.Pro uses a transmitter embedded in your existing count rate meters to connect wirelessly to the Counts.Pro app using an Apple iPhone with real time digital display of the meter readings. You can purchase affordable Counts.Pro enabled equipment from us or you can have us install transmitters on your existing equipment.


The Counts.Pro App

The FREE Counts.Pro App connects to your equipped radiation meters and provides a real time digital display of the meter readings on iOS devices. Data, that in the past was only visible to the operator and not recordable, is now easily recorded and stored for sharing, detailed review, and analysis. Counts.Pro collects, stores and shares your measurements without requiring special software to calibrate or access the information.

Benefits of Counts.Pro


Leverage a competitive and technological advantage by recording every detail about your survey with Counts.Pro. Rest assured with quality survey data that you can rely on.


Avoid expensive equipment upgrades by turning your meter into a portable radiation laboratory.


Automatically store all of your detailed survey data in a local database on your iPhone. Easily share survey data via email.

Have questions or suggestions?

We would love to hear from you! Whether you aren't sure which equipment would suit your needs or if you have suggestions on how to improve the Counts.Pro App, we would love to hear them.

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