How Counts.Pro Helps You

Counts.Pro offers a cutting-edge solution for measuring radiation levels, enabling users to document survey data seamlessly through an electronic survey record. Any spikes or anomalies in count rates are promptly identified in the data. With set alarms, operators receive real-time notifications for high readings. The collected data facilitates in-depth analysis, unlocking possibilities not achievable before. Instantly shareable via your smart phone or tablet, Counts.Pro provides a convenient way to distribute and archive survey records. Experience continuous improvement as new features are seamlessly integrated with every app update – all for free! Elevate your survey capabilities with Counts.Pro.

Gain an Edge

Leverage a competitive and technological advantage by recording every detail in an electronic survey record.  The record provides a regulatory surety that tasks have been completed properly.

Store and Share Data

Automatically store all your detailed survey record on your smart phone or tablet.  Data can easily be archived on a server, and sent via email to supervisors or clients.  The record is created in a CSV file, so you are never held hostage to software obsolescence.

Save Money

For a fraction of the price, upgrade your existing inventory making it more functional, faster, and easier to use than the most expensive (and fragile) survey meters.

Record Detailed Survey Information

Record critical details about the survey including instrument serial numbers, survey names, descriptions, detailed notes and a date/time/GPS stamp for every count measured.

How does Counts.Pro work?

Set Critical Alarms

The operator will get an immediate indication when counts have exceeded a user defined threshold.  Each channel is set independently.

Connect with multiple meters and probes

The Counts.Pro app communicates wirelessly with any Counts.Pro equipped meter in range that is not already connected to another device.  The app connects to a single available meter at a time.  One Counts.Pro equipped meter can be used by a multitude of people who have the FREE app.  Once your device’s app has connected to a meter, it will remember it the next time

Timed Scaler Counts

Allows timed scaler counts for quantitative analysis. Quantify hot spots and count smears in real time. Collect data at designated scan points to assess trends in radioactivity levels.

Take Photos or Video

Take photos or videos while collecting data with your electronic device.

Turn your meter into a portable radiation laboratory.

Buy or Rent Counts.Pro enabled equipment.

Turn your meter into a portable radiation labortory.

Buy or Rent Counts.Pro enabled equipment.