How Counts.Pro Works

Counts.Pro is a small bluetooth transmitter that connects to your ratemeter electronics and broadcasts total counts in ¼ second packets to a connected smart phone or tablet using the free Counts.Pro App. Once you connect to the App, the phone or tablet receives the counts from the meter and displays the total counts and count rate. To perform a survey, you set parameters (alarm settings, time, survey titles, etc), and collect counts as a GPS enabled data logger. Once collected the data is easily shared by email and viewed without the need for proprietary software. Your survey is future proof.

Step 01

Buy a Counts.Pro or Rent Counts.Pro enabled equipment.

Buy a Counts.Pro, send us your meter, and let us install it.  You can also buy or rent a Counts.Pro-enabled ratemeter from CHP Consultants.  When you buy one of our meters, you get a $100 discount on Counts.Pro!

Step 02

Download the FREE Counts.Pro App

The free Counts.Pro app (iOS or Android) connects to your meter via Bluetooth and provides a real time digital display of your ratemeter’s output.

Step 03

Experience a New Way to Survey

When the meter is powered up, it will become visible to the Counts.Pro app on your smart phone. Once connected, the app will remember all the meter and probe information (you can edit for new probes) making it easy to select what you’re currently using. The Counts.Pro app now acts as a ratemeter display.  You can set alarms in this mode, even though you are not yet recording information.  When you are ready to perform a recorded measurement, select “Create a New Survey”.

Step 04

Create a new Survey

Once you select Create a New Survey, you can enter the survey name, description, select the channels to monitor, set a timer for scaler counts (or have no timer) and select Start Survey.  You can use the same titles over and over, like “Source Check”, because every measurement has a unique identifying number and a date/time stamp. During the measurement, you can take notes by either typing or dictation.  When the measurement times out, or you select “End Survey”, the measurement is complete.

Step 05

Share Your File

After every measurement, there is a complete measurement record in the resulting data file in CSV format.  You can send the record to anyone by text, email, or any method supported by your device.  The survey record remains on your device till you delete it.  The CSV file can be opened by any standard spreadsheet, database, or text editor. Counts.Pro never holds your data hostage to software!!

Turn your meter into a portable radiation laboratory.

Buy or Rent Counts.Pro enabled equipment.

Turn your meter into a portable radiation labortory.

Buy or Rent Counts.Pro enabled equipment.