Automate your survey data collection with
  • Eliminate paper data-records in the field
  • Avoid expensive equipment upgrades by turning your meter into a portable radiation laboratory
  • Automatically store all your survey data in an easy-to-access database

Comes with 1 year of free Pro Service

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Supported devices include meters that drive the display with pulses. Most Ludlum meters qualify. Call us to see if your meter is supported by
Ludlum Model 19
Ludlum Model 2221
Ludlum Model 3
Ludlum Model 12
Ludlum Model 2200
Ludlum Model 2929
Eberline SAC-4
Eberline BC-4
Bicron Radiographer
Eberline E-120


Subscriptions to the database service include support and access to unlimited datasets. Enterprise solutions include advanced support, custom data handling and set-up consulting.

Coming Soon!

  • On-premise data server

  • Team and user management

  • Priority support

  • Unlimited Users

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