Counts.Pro for Professionals

Counts.Pro revolutionizes survey recording, offering a robust method to capture and preserve all your survey data, ensuring a verifiable record of properly executed events.

Unlike traditional paper records, our digital solution allows seamless sharing and archiving, encompassing all essential information to document your surveys. The recorded data extends beyond a mere log, providing a wealth of information on each count throughout the entire survey. This not only verifies measurements but also enables insightful trend analysis. An example is transportation surveys, while you may not frequently revisit this record, it becomes paramount in addressing potential issues at a later stage. The Counts.Pro app allows you to take photos with your mobile device to capture them alongside each measurement, adding an extra layer of detail and context to your surveys. Elevate your survey recording experience with Counts.Pro for thorough and accessible documentation.

Health Physics

For Health Physicists, having comprehensive data is indispensable for informed decision-making. Whether conducting a scaler count or complete surveys, the rich dataset provides ample information to evaluate statistical uncertainty. Make informed decisions with robust and detailed datasets.

Radiation Safety Officer

Counts.Pro empowers you to digitally capture essential information and create comprehensive survey records. Whether conducting routine measurements, assessing non-impacted areas, or performing transportation surveys, Counts.Pro facilitates easy recording and sharing for seamless review and archiving. Each record provides detailed insights into the timing and location of surveys, instruments used, observational notes, and the survey duration. The duration of each survey is important to ensure accurate measurement of expected activity levels. Leveraging data from previous surveys enables you to conduct trend analysis for continuous improvement. Take your survey recording experience to the next level with Counts.Pro for efficient and insightful data management.

  • Easy creation of digital record

  • Positive indication of performance

  • Data for comparisons and analysis


Counts.Pro empowers you to digitally capture essential information, forming comprehensive measurement records. Digitally collected data allows the students to observe counting statistics and discuss measurement uncertainty. Very low variations in background radiation are easily measured with Counts.Pro further illustrating radioactivity in the natural environment and in consumer products.

  • Everything is radioactive

  • How radioactive is everything?

  • Statistics of radiation measurements easily obtained

  • Adds a scaler function to any radiation meter to quantify measurements

Turn your meter into a portable radiation laboratory.

Buy or Rent Counts.Pro enabled equipment.

Turn your meter into a portable radiation labortory.

Buy or Rent Counts.Pro enabled equipment.